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Computing Teachers Spoilt for Choice? (Summer 2011)

This edition of the Computing a School (CAS) newsletter includes articles covering:

*Pedagogy of computational thinking and programming

*Modelling and simulation with StarLogoTNG

*Scratch and RoboMind

*Text-based programming with Small Basic

*Route finding with graphs at A-Level...

Mobile App Development goes Visual (Spring 2011)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter covers many topics including:

*Visual development of mobile apps using App Inventor

*Active learning in computing using Lego NXT and Logo

*BYOB, an extension to Scratch that aids abstraction and extension

*Robot simulation using RoboMind...

Computing: A New Year, New Opportunities (Autumn 2010)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter, from a time of extensive curriculum change, includes:

*Arguments for teaching computational thinking

*Introduction to Arduino

*A short article about JavaScript in secondary schools

CS4FN Summer 2005

From mathematical ringtones to distributed computing, this magazine from Queens University of London covers a variety of interesting and fun computer science topics in an easily accessible way. Also included are:

• Optical illusions and the way our brain works

• The history and future of email spam...

CS4FN Issue 2

The magazine that presents the fun side of computer science. This issue includes:

• Artificial intelligence and mobile phone gaming

• Human error and human-computer interfaces

• Simple game algorithms

• The ‘first cyborg’

• The life of Alexander Graham Bell

• Viral...

CS4FN Issue 3

This issue of the magazine, presenting the fun side of computer science, includes articles on:

• The nature of artificial intelligence

• Computer generated images and motion capture in the movies

• The efficiency of insect brains

• JPEGs and the psychology of image compression


CS4FN Issue 4

This issue of Computer Science for Fun magazine contains interesting articles on:

• DNA data and error correction

• Neural networks

• Biometrics and security

• Computer science and medicine

• Finding a cure for cancer – links to computer science

• Dust-sized computers


CS4FN Issue 5

This special issue of Computer Science for Fun magazine is entitled ‘The Perception Deception’, and looks at computer science illusions

It includes articles covering:

• Experimental methods in computer science

• Head-up displays and Pepper’s Ghost

• Mobile technology and a ‘virtual...

CS4FN Issue 6

This special issue of Computer Science for Fun is entitled ‘Computer Science Everywhere’, and looks at the ubiquity of computer technology. It features a range of well-written articles on:

• Mediascapes – location-sensitive multimedia

• Closed circuit video analysis – computing challenges


CS4FN Issue 7

A special issue of Computer Science for Fun focused on computers and images, containing articles on:

• Fractals

• Using Geomlab for tessellating images

• The golden ratio and beauty

• Robot artists

• The painter’s algorithm for drawing 3D graphics

• Communicating ideas...


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