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Networks and the Internet

This resource contains 6 presentations on various aspects of Networks and Network Management including

The Internet (DNS servers and IP addresses)

How Networks Communicate (IP addresses and packets)

Types of Network (Network topologies)

Peer-ToPeer vs Client/Server, LAN and WAN)


Make a Game Project

In this multi-lesson project pupils design and code a computer game. It uses a rainforest theme but can be adapted to any topic, with learners of varying age or ability. The project includes: *Decomposition of the elements of a game *Designing the game *Creating assets for the game, such as background images and...

We Are Programmers: Creating an Animation

The Rising Stars Year Three planning unit uses Scratch to create an animated cartoon from characters designed by students. The resource contains detailed planning of each stage of the lesson, accounting for all groups of learners.

In the lesson students learn how to use the paint tool in Scratch to create a...

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