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Students Who Fiddle With Objects

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses his experience of doodling in class as a pupil, and how best to deal with pupils who are distracted by objects in lessons.

Arrogant Lateness

Leading behaviour expert Bill Rogers describes some reliable techniques to address lateness and to minimise its impact.

Divide and conquer

This activity provides a mathematical problem that is solved in a simple way. It relates to the way algorithms are used in search engines and links to problem solving in maths. The context is that of Santa trying to find his socks in one of 1024 boxes, which a...

Binary bracelets

This resource introduces binary data to students via the creation of bracelets which display their name in binary. This lesson helps to demonstrate how it is possible to take something that we know and translate it into a series of ons and offs (ones or zeroes). The resource contains a lesson plan and related...

Computational thinking

A comprehensive guide taken from the Quickstart guide to what computational thinking is and what it might look like in the primary classroom. It involves classroom activities which include:

  • Writing algorithms and looking for patterns (generalisations) in comparison to other students’ algorithms.
  • ...

Real-life algorithms: plant a seed

A lesson plan that takes the students through the algorithm to plant a seed. It consists mainly of a worksheet task to correctly sequence the steps in planting a seed, in doing so they must discard any superfluous information. The idea is then that they give their algorithm to another child for that child to follow...

Graph paper programming

The video explains the purpose of the activity which is to help students understand the principles behind coding. This is an unplugged activity meaning that students understand the computing principles without the use of a computer. By programming one another to draw pictures, students begin to understand what...

Getting Started with Scratch

This resource explains the basics of using Scratch. Beginning with how to make the sprite move, further explanations show how to add sound, dance, start a procedure using the green flag, change colours, start a procedure using a key press and add further sprites. The simple, clear instructions make this resource...

Teaching the KS2 Role Play Lesson

In this resource from Teachers TV Alison Clough and Claire Caulfield from St Benet's Roman Catholic Primary School, County Durham, team-teach a lesson on the importance of healthy eating to Year Five students.

The students are asked to plan and make a news report, which encourages them to think about the...

Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror

In August 2012, an unmanned rover touched down on the surface of Mars. NASA's Curiosity Rover was sent to take measurements of the atmosphere and martian terrain in an effort to understand more about the history of Mars and whether the planet ever sustained life.

This video shows an animation of the...


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