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Teleporting Robot

This CS4FN activity from the team at Queen Mary University of London highlights some issues encountered during the design of human-computer interfaces (HCI). It acts as an introduction to HCI, introducing the need to translate problems and to understand how people behave.

The activities include a robot...

The Emotion Machine

By creating their own paper ‘robot face’, students learn about how high-level language is translated into low-level machine instructions.

The resource, created by Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan of the CS4FN team, covers sequencing in programs, compilers and interpreters. A detailed instruction sheet guides...

Scratch Beginners

This unit of six lessons does not assume any prior programming knowledge and covers the following guidelines in the National Curriculum:

*Design - write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or simulating physical systems; solve problems by decomposing them into smaller...

Sensing Our World

The joy and challenge of building ‘cheap and cheerful’ sensors has a wide appeal to adults as well as children. It also opens a wide number of links to aspects of the mathematics, science, computing, design and technology, and engineering curricula, supporting scientific investigation and discovery. These...


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