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Working With Parents: Encouraging Good Behaviour - Case Study

This document from the Department of Education looks at how the White Horse Federation engages parents to discuss and improve pupil behaviour. The resource explores how the school talks with parents, develops language skills and online safety and its mobile phone policy, as part of the managing behaviour and...

School Sanctuaries

Behaviour expert Bill Rogers shares his thoughts on why creating a sane, safe and secure community in school is part of a teacher's responsibility. He describes how to develop a safe school environment, putting support at the heart of everything.

Managing the Difficult Class

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses his experience of working as a mentor teacher in challenging schools and how to deal with behaviour issues presented by groups of pupils.

Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones

This resource by Pedagogics explores subtle adjustments to teacher's language in order to be less emotive, more objective-led and promote progress.

National Strategies – Behaviour and Attendance (Core Day 3 and Day 4 Resources)

These National Strategies resources from the Department of Education explore behaviour and attendance. The files cover: *Developing emotional health and well-being: a whole-school approach to improving behaviour and attendance * Monitoring whole-school practice to promote positive behaviour and attendance: guidance...

Toolkit Talks: Parental Involvement

This Toolkit Talks video covers parental involvement.

Professor Steve Higgins of Durham University and Dr Lee Elliot Major from the Education Endowment Foundation discuss how best to engage parents with school and strategies to enable parents to help their children with their school work.


Delivering the Behaviour Challenge

Written in 2009 by the Department for Children, Schools and families, this resource sets out the government's support for behaviour in schools at that time.

Developing great teaching: lessons from the international reviews into effective professional development

In September 2014 the Teacher Development Trust, with support from TES Global, commissioned a review of the international research into what constitutes effective professional development for teachers.

The review was conducted by an expert team of Professors Steve Higgins and Rob Coe of Durham University,...

Using Isolation Rooms: Managing Poor Behaviour - Case Study

This document from the Department of Education looks at how Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic School uses an 'on-call' room, a nurture room to support pupils in managing their social skills. The resource explores the school's on-call room, staff response to misbehaviour and individual behaviour support, as part of the...

Managing Bullying in Schools - Case Study

This managing bullying in schools document from the Department of Education looks at how Derby Moor Community Sports College talks to pupils about, identifies, and deals with bullying. The resource is part of the managing behaviour and bullying in schools case studies and explores: *The school's 'Friends 4 U club...


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