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Patterns Unplugged: Reusing Recipes Activity

This 'unplugged' activity by Barefoot Computing, introduces pattern recognition and the idea that algorithms can be repurposed. Cooking recipes are analysed to find parts that are common to more than one. Reusable parts are then borrowed to create new recipes which the children share with the class. Additional...

VEX GO activities

These activities offer one-page exercises to incorporate the VEX GO kit and STEM concepts in a cross curricular way. From animal habitats, to architecture, compasses to music, these activities offer great cross curricular STEM opportunities for physical computing.  

VEX 123 activities

VEX 123 STEM Labs activities offer ways to link physical computing and robotics to STEM and computing. These one-page exercises are designed to be easy to follow, for independent application for pupils. Each activity is designed around a ‘Play’ based concept to apply the computer science skills and concepts pupils...

Code and rescue

This Royal Academy of Engineering resource teaches students coding through a series of physical computing and practical activities that explore the essential role engineers have in supporting the emergency services and search and rescue missions.

Combining plugged activities, using a Crumble Controller, and...

Cyber control

The Royal Academy of Engineering explores cyber control through this activity pack, looking at networks of connected devices. It covers:

  • The benefits of devices connected via the internet and scenarios to consider
  • The dangers of hacking
  • A programming task using the micro:bit using...

Careers in robotics

This poster displays quotes from STEM Ambassadors who use robotics in their role:

  • Researcher
  • Offshore Renewables Energy Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

What skills can I develop with robotics?

This poster provides examples of the types of skills that you can develop whilst learning robotics, including:

  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • creativity

Robotics in STEM industries

This poster provides examples of different industries that are using robotic technology. For example:

  • Manufacturing
  • Subsea
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Space

Micro bits Art & Film Making

This collection of activities gives pupils the opportunity to use a BBC micro:bit to programme their own compass. This activity also provides a link with the art activity in the same collection, giving pupils the chance to code their own tessellating pattern using Scratch. This activity is part of a series of...

EYFS - ACCEL Rolls-Royce

This collection of STEAM activities give EYFS pupils the opportunity to explore a variety of vehicles and uncover how they travel and move. Pupils can design and create their own moving vehicles, learn all about electric plane travel and try to break world records. This varied selection of activities have been...


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