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Unit 10: Group work videos

Pedagogy and Practice: Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools
Unit 10: Group work
DfES 0433-2004 G
Reproduced with permission.


Peer Reviewing Hinge-Point Questions: Exemplars

To support you in writing your feedback we have provided four example responses to Step 3.8, with feedback. Take account of the examples when you provide your own feedback, but at the same time, don’t treat these as “model peer reviews”. You may also find it useful to remind yourself with the quizzes in Steps 3.3...

BBC micro:bit - Visual Acuity game written with MicroPython

This Python program, written using the MicroPython editor Mu, is a game for aspiring astronauts designed to test their visual acuity. It is for use with this BBC micro:bit resource.

It has been shown that, over time, astronauts...

Computer Science Posters

I have created a series of posters that may help with explaining key concepts:

  1. Binary
  2. Fetch-Decode-Execute Poster
  3. Hardware Poster
  4. Input - process - output poster
  5. Minion Poster - basic flowchart & Pseudocode
  6. Minion Poster - flowchart & Pseudocode...

The fetch-decode-execute cycle

Four videos that introduces machine code instructions and the fetch-decode--execute cycle. The fetch-decode-execute cycle is explained using a narrated animation.

Basic Logic Gates

Ten videos on basic logic gates and how simple electrical circuits can be used as a memory aid to memorizing the functionality of NOT AND and OR gates.

Crumble revisited

The Crumble microcontroller from Redfern Electronics is a very cheap and easy to use device which is proving very popular, especially for physical computing projects in Primary Schools.  New cheap, compatible hardware devices called Crumbs and a robot vehicle kit called CrumbleBot considerably enhance the power of...

A rocket vehicle for cross-curricular STEM

The STOMP air rocket provides a cheap, safe, simple and fun way to get some experimentation done outside the classroom using simple measurement tools such as a protractor, stop watch and tape measure.  The captured data allows predictions to be made in the same way Galileo did - and even to find a value for g...

iSTEM+ an ETEP response to STEM Skills shortage 5-19

The Engineering & Technology Education Partnership, based at the IET, has developed a bottom-up strategy for an embedded approach to STEM through cross-curricular practical group projects at each Key Stage. This iSTEM+ approach fosters an integrated approach to STEM and other subjects, such as Computing,...

Getting going with GeoGebra

In 2012 a subgroup from the Computing At School Group was established to write an Educational Manual to accompany the Raspberry Pi. This was published and can be found at Two of the chapters were withheld...


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