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Primary Computing Lesson celebrating Ada Lovelace

Teach primary computing with history. This teacher-led activity adapted for the Hour of Code involves conducting online research about Ada Lovelace a female pioneer in STEM and the world’s first computer programmer!

Children present their findings using basic HTML and CSS to create a multimedia webpage all...

Primary Computing Unplugged - Key Stage 1

A collection of engaging activities aimed at children aged 5-7 to help develop computational thinking skills in a really fun way.

Divided into the fundamental principles of computer science, they involve creating algorithms, thinking logically, spotting patterns and finding or making rules...

Performance Testing


Performance Testing

Learning Objectives

1.What is Performance Testing?

2.Software Quality Attributes which are addressed by Performance Testing

3.Types of Performance Testing

Starter Activity...

Developing career learning in STEM

This guide is aimed at teachers of science, design and technology, computing, engineering and mathematics and those who are passionate about providing STEM career experiences. It offers immediate ideas to try, longer term solutions and resource recommendations.

This guide will help you to:

  • ...

STEM Clubs resource videos: Movie music

The below videos have been created to demonstrate the themes and activities in the Movie music resource for STEM Clubs, available free to download.


This is Engineering: code composer

“I’ve always loved music and play keyboards, guitar and bass. I got into making music on my computer and I find virtual instruments fascinating. Now I work as a software engineer working in digital audio, experimenting with sounds for TikTok.”

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering...

This is Engineering: tech trendsetter

“I am software engineer for ASOS, building technology that fundamentally changes how people experience fashion.”

This resource forms part of the This is Engineering campaign.

Be a business owner session

In this resource from the Construction Youth Trust, students are asked to work with percentage and decimal calculations when exploring the financial accounts of a small business. The materials have been written to help a non-teaching STEM professional to work with students in an educational setting.


Ball Run

In this activity children design and build their own Ball Run, and put their final creation to the test. They are provided with tips for joining dowels together, making longer lengths for their run and  providing stability to their structures. This activity supports learning about forces and D&T,...

Lesson 8 - Network speed and performance

In this lesson, learners will look at how we measure network speed and performance, and what some of the key considerations are when designing networks, to ensure that they can function as well as possible. They will also learn about network broadcast traffic and how this affects network performance,...


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