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Calculating volume

This worksheet challenges students to answer a series of questions themed around calculating the volume of products. It provides worked examples, examiners top tips and answers to each question. The resource is useful for teaching maths content in design and technology, or as a maths activity sheet.

Design Club: Design a Helpful Mobile App

Design Club is a social enterprise set up to help children become design thinkers. We create industry-standard resources to help people run design thinking clubs and workshops for 9-13 year olds.

This set of resources contains everything you need to run a Design Club taster project: worksheets, a delivery...

Cork launcher

This activity provides pupils with the opportunity to learn how forces affect the motion of a projectile, the optimum angles for launching a projectile the farthest and the effects of potential and kinetic energy by designing and making their own cork launcher. Pupils can work individually or as part of a team,...

Ball Run

In this activity children design and build their own Ball Run, and put their final creation to the test. They are provided with tips for joining dowels together,...

Make a Game Project

In this multi-lesson project pupils design and code a computer game. It uses a rainforest theme but can be adapted to any topic, with learners of varying age or ability.

The project includes:

  • Decomposition of the elements of a game
  • Designing the game
  • Creating assets for the...

Kodu Game Selection Activity

This lengthier activity involves designing and creating a simple computer game using the free Microsoft Kodu platform. It is expected that the children will have some prior experience of Kodu, or that a basic tutorial is offered before commencing this activity. Worksheets are provided that help children through the...

VEX IQ - exploring Modkit blocks

This resource for VEX IQ Modkit helps students to understand the basic principles of using blocks of code to create a programme. The Modkit blocks have been reproduced so that they can be printed and used by students for discussion and when planning their code. This resource contains a classroom presentation...

Create an app with AppShed

This presentation is a step by step guide to AppShed.  AppShed is a free online tool, that allows students to create mobile apps for iOS and Android. This PowerPoint scaffolds the production of a film information app, but could easily be adapted for another project. The resource is aimed at students aged between 11...

Java programming with Greenfoot: bouncy coloured balls with mouse input

In this short video tutorial students are shown how to implement mouse controls in to their game and how to use the world act method to make their world react to something, such as mouse or key instructions.

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Networks and the Internet

This resource contains 6 presentations on various aspects of Networks and Network Management including

The Internet (DNS servers and IP addresses)

How Networks Communicate (IP addresses and packets)

Types of Network (Network topologies)

Peer-ToPeer vs Client/Server, LAN and WAN)



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