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The Computing at School newsletter is published three times a year. It is full of practical ideas for teachers of computing in primary and secondary schools, with articles contributed by a number of CAS members. With input from teachers, academics, advisors and industry professionals, it provides a varied source of...

CS4FN Magazine

The cs4fn magazine is a magazine on the fun side of all things to do with computer science. The authors write up computing research in a fun and accessible way that puts across their enthusiasm for the subject. Unplugged computing, computational thinking and practical applications of computers in many areas are...

"Computing isn't about computers" - this quote from one of the CS4FN authors, Paul Curzon, should give you an idea about the resources in this collection.

Designed to inspire, these activities are about people, solving puzzles, creativity, changing the future and, most of all, having fun.


Elements of BASIC

This book introduces the computer language BASIC; covering the mathematical, non-numeric and data-processing facilities. Where possible the text is machine independence although supplements are included to show variations in a number of manufacturer's implementations.

Teacher-led research


'Teacher-Led Research' is a how-to guide for teachers, whether they use the term evidence-based, evidence-informed, evidence-engaged or evidence-led to describe the way they think about the...

Active geometry: files and activities for Cabri Geometry II and the Geometer's Sketchpad

An excellent set of resources for teaching geometry using Cabri-Geometre II or using The Geometer’s Sketchpad.

Toolkit in data handling for projects

This aim of this resource is to help teachers to support students to acquire the skills required to analyse data and interpret trustworthy information from data. They are designed to be flexible and adaptable with the data providing the stimulation for interrogation and enquiry, and include examples and tasks.

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