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Teaching Java and object oriented programming - creating a snake game

This is a very comprehensive package from Sean Cullinane which consists of lessons to teach the basics of object oriented programming. Students will produce a playable snake game as the outcome. Note: It is recommended that this is only delivered to students with some previous programming experience, ideally some...

Being a hacker

This resource is developed by the Hacker High School site to improve online security for students by increasing their knowledge of cybersecurity. This lesson plan focuses on what hackers do and how attacks happen. The lesson includes discussions, scenarios and research which will help students to evaluate the harm...

Social engineering

Social engineering attacks are a vulnerability of corporate networks and personal data and identity. This lesson plan from Cybersecurity Challenge UK outlines different methods of social engineering

Penetration testing

Penetration testing is a vital part of any organisation’s security procedures. Students will learn what it is and why organisations carry it out. There are no practical activities attached to this lesson from Cybersecurity Challenge UK.

Cybersecurity threats

This document outlines categories of network threat and how they can be detected. The resource is produced by Cybersecurity Challenge UK and is aimed at GCSE students however, is also a valuable resource for A level students as a starting point for further investigation and discussion. 

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and My SQL Guide

A Computing at School community resource which provides a very comprehensive introduction to PHP and MySQL including setting up and configuring. This is useful as a “how to” guide for students.

Wired and wireless networks

Another resource from Cybersecurity Challenge UK which consists of a lesson plan based around a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless networks. Students could prepare their points for homework or research them during the lesson.

The four layer TCP/IP model

This resource consists of a lesson plan from Cybersecurity Challenge UK on the topic of the TCP/IP model of networking. It would be useful as a topic introduction.

Compression and encryption theory

This resource consists of two documents. One is a theory sheet and the other a structured workbook for students to complete. This would form a useful independent learning resource so could be issued as a homework task.

Database Management Systems (DBMS) and distributed databases

Two topics that support the database topic are covered in this presentation. The emphasis at A level is investigating the technical architecture rather than application. These are two important topics often tricky to find resources for. 


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