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Peer Reviewing Hinge-Point Questions: Exemplars

To support you in writing your feedback we have provided three example responses to Step 3.8, with feedback. Take account of the examples when you provide your own feedback, but at the same time, don’t treat these as “model peer reviews”. You may also find it useful to remind yourself with the quizzes in Steps 3.3...

Computer graphics with Geogebra

Workshop notes, presentation and files on using the free GeoGebra graphical software for graphics and design.

Adrian Oldknow  14th April 2015


An Introduction to the BBC Micro Bit

Two short documents.  One giving current information on the new BBC Micro Bit computing device.  The other showing how it can be programmed on a Blockly emulator, and also modelled in the Turtle System.

Adrian Oldknow  30th March 2015 

Data-capture, modelling and simulation

A beginners guide to free and cheap software and hardware to capture data from experiments using sensors and/or video, to process and analyse the data, to carry out mathematical modelling from the data and to produce simulations and animations. Also the pdf of the NCET/Becta `Data-capture and Modelling' book and...

Learning to code - with a purpose

A 5 part beginners user guide to getting started with programming languages such as Scratch and Turtle for physical computing with sensors, microcontrollers, electronics and animations.

Adrian Oldknow         March 30th 2015


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