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Arduino project handbook: 22 practical projects to get you started


Arduino Project Handbook is a beginner-friendly collection of electronics projects using the low-cost Arduino board. With just a handful of components, an Arduino, and a computer, you'll...

Rise of the robots


If a ‘robot’ could do your job quicker than you and better than you for no pay, would you still be employed?

Today it’s travel agents,...

Humans need not apply: a guide to wealth and work in the age of artificial intelligence


After billions of dollars and fifty years of effort, researchers are finally cracking the code on artificial intelligence. As society stands on the cusp of unprecedented change, Jerry Kaplan...

Ubiquitous computing

This list contains resources devoted to wearable technology, IoT, AR / VR, mobile application development, embedded applications, haptic computing, and human-computer interaction.

Digital innovation

This list contains resources linked to the subject of digital innovation and developing digital products for which customers would pay.


This list contains resources about robotics.

Build a robot buggy

In this project students learn to build a robot buggy using a Raspberry Pi. It contains detailed tutorials that cover:

  • How to setup a motor controller board with two motors
  • How to control motors using Python
  • How to build a robot chassis

These activities are aimed at ...

Software engineering

This list includes resources about software engineering. 

Making games with Python & Pygame

This resource is a detailed guide to Pygame. Pygame is an open source library that allows students to make graphical computer games and multimedia applications in the Python programming language. The book is suitable for students aged 14 – 18 years, Ideally, students should already have been taught the basics of...

Emotional robot

A short starter activity for students of all ages. It would make a good introduction to lessons on robotics or artificial intelligence and could spark a discussion on how neural networks might be used to create human-like behaviour?. Equally, when discussing HCI design, it might move the debate beyond keyboard and...


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