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Kids get coding

'Kids get coding' is a fantastic, hands-on resource for anyone looking to get started with coding. The four books cover key areas of the Key Stage 1 computing curriculum with simple text.

Each title contains practical on- and off-line activities that are easy to follow and...

High-tech science

'High-tech science' is a series of four books that look at the revolutionary, cutting-edge science that we rely on to run our lives and keep our modern world working.

These materials, from the Nuffield Foundation, contain a wealth of ideas and practical advice on the delivery of design and technology in the primary curriculum. Each of the resources includes extensive teacher guidance as well as chidlren's stimulus materials.

The materials cover a range of topics in which...

Building on the Key Stage 1 Blockly activity, this course introduces children to repeat loops, 'if' statements, and variables.

The activities focus on driving a delivery van around increasingly complex routes involving twists, turns and traffic lights. At the end of Lower Key Stage 2, the children can...

"Computing isn't about computers" - this quote from one of the CS4FN authors, Paul Curzon, should give you an idea about the resources in this collection.

Designed to inspire, these activities are about people, solving puzzles, creativity, changing the future and, most of all, having fun.


Staying safe online


The internet is full of amazing possibilities but, just like the real world, there are a lot of potential dangers and difficulties too. You need to know what to watch out for and how to...

Code your own space adventure


Choose your mission and follow Major Kate on her mission to save Planet Zyskinar in this 'code your own' adventure! From drawing characters to animating plot lines and creating games, you...

I'm an advanced scratch coder


I'm an Advanced Scratch Coder is perfect for those who have mastered the basics of Scratch, and want to try building some more tricky programs before progressing to real-world coding...

Boson inventor kit

BOSON Inventor Kit

Boson science kit

BOSON Science Kit


Boson science kit is a set of digitalized scientific exploration tool for young scientist to build their hands-on STEM lab.

Boson science kit brings kids:...


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