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Session Six:Traffic Lights

This activity, one in a series, uses traffic lights and control of vehicles to explore if-else, if, and wait commands, and to learn about variables.

A set of onscreen programming challenges are supported with teacher guides, worksheets, model solutions, assessment activities, wall displays and overview...

Session Seven: Applying their Programming Knowledge to Create a Game Challenge

In this activity, involving on-screen programming using Rapid Router, children will develop their understanding of programming principles by learning how to use repeat loops, if statements and respond to changes in variables in a visual programming language.

The activities focus on driving a delivery van...

Session Eight: Applying their Programming Knowledge to Play and Evaluate a Game Challenge

In this activity, children work in pairs to learn and set each other challenges using the Rapid Router software.

The challenges include the use of Loop, If and Repeat Until commands, asking children to consider how they can automate a process and create efficient code. The activities focus on driving a...

Ana Discusses Repeat Until and Repeat While Functions

In this video, a product owner at Ocado describes her role and how she uses data to plan efficient delivery routes.

She also describes how Repeat Until and Repeat While commands can be used to make programs repeat an unknown number of times.

Chris and Matt Introduce if Statements

In this video, two senior software engineers at Ocado explain how top-secret algorithms help in automated warehouses.

They also describe IF statements, and how important they are in all computer programs. They compare their use to examples in the real world.

Helen Explains if else Statements

A software engineer at Ocado explains her role and how it links to the Rapid Router system. She also explains if-else statements for making choices, and links them to real-life decision making such as crossing the road.

The video can help children begin to understand careers in software engineering.

Will Discusses Variables

In this video, a team leader at Ocado technology explains his role managing a programming team.

He also explains variables, and how they are used in programs. He uses examples in the real-world, linked to variables in the Rapid Router software, to explain how variables are used in control technology.

The Imp Computer

This unplugged activity from the CS4FN team uses two examples – an insulting computer and one that can play snap – to look at simple computer programming, flow of control and logic. Everything is provided for this front-of-class activity, which would act as an effective starter for a lesson on programming concepts...

Invisible Palming

This activity from the Computer Science for Fun (CS4FN) team at QMUL is an introduction to algorithms suitable for those in upper primary school. A ‘self-working’ magic trick is shown – this is a trick that works every time, as long as the process is followed exactly. No understanding of the trick is needed by the...


This activity from the CS4FN team at QMUL is a metaphorical introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and the difficulties of working at the command line.

The whole-class activity uses a game called spit-not-so. The winner of the game is the first to choose, from a...


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