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CPU jigsaw

This activity allows students to construct a paper CPU using “jigsaw” pieces. They can also add notes to their jigsaw explaining the function of each component. Carrying out this activity allows students to relate sub components of the CPU to one another. For example, they will appreciate that level 1 cache memory...

Minimal spanning tree

A CS Unplugged series resource aimed at younger students but also works well with A level students. This illustrates the concept of minimal spanning trees and graph traversal.

Stem Ambassador induction training

All STEM Ambassadors must do an induction, either face-to-face offered by your local STEM Ambassador Hub or online.


Module 1


Steiner Trees

A CS Unplugged series resource aimed at younger students but also works well with A level students. The document contains student activities covering constructing Steiner trees, greedy algorithms and solving traversal problems.

The four layer TCP/IP model

This resource consists of a lesson plan from Cybersecurity Challenge UK on the topic of the TCP/IP model of networking. It would be useful as a topic introduction.

Crazy Algorithms

This unplugged computing activity from the Barefoot Computing project teaches basic algorithms . An algorithm is a precise sequence of instructions or a set of rules for performing a specific task. By teaching this short, unplugged activity...

Infographics at the National Cyber Security Centre

These resources constitute a range of infographics (posters) about various...

Divide and conquer


Geocraft -Giant's Causeway

These resources consist of lesson plans, worksheets, Minecraft Maps (Raspberry Pi version) for the area around the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, and some general how to guides. The guides take teachers through the steps to update a Raspberry Pi, and install one of the Giant's Causeway maps into the correct...

Raspberry Pi Networking

This resource details an activity where students set up their own network of Raspberry Pis in a classroom, using another machine as their server. As with all of these sorts of activities, it is highly recommended to work through the whoole activity first, downloading the required software ahead of a lesson and...


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