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An Introduction to Web-based Information Systems

This resource has been developed by the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) and the BCS Academy of Computing. It will seek to consolidate learners’ understanding of modern information systems concepts, through study of web technologies, including HTML.

Whilst this resource has been designed to be used as a...

I love my smartphone

Mobile app development is an engaging way for students to learn programming and interface design as many do, indeed, "love their smartphone".

This complete learning package teachers the origins and development of the smartphone, helping them to appreciate the amount of technology packed into their pocket. It...

Itching for more

Designed for students who have advanced through Scratch and are ready for additional challenge, this resource explores Build Your Own Blocks (BYOB) as a tool for learning modular programming using procedures. 

After examining, briefly, the history of the computer and the Turing Test as a measure of their...

Starting from Scratch

Scratch is widely used in primary schools to teach children basic programming. This resource goes deeper, making use of the familiar Scratch environment to take students deeper into programming concepts such as:

  • Algorithm design
  • Parallel and sequential instructions
  • Event-driven...

Privacy debate kit

This resource focuses on the subject of privacy and provides an opportunity for a structured practice debate on a controversial topic. The different ‘rounds’ of the debate help students think through the issues and reconsider their opinions. The structure also shows them how to build a discussion and back up their...

Be a business owner session

In this resource from the Construction Youth Trust, students are asked to work with percentage and decimal calculations when exploring the financial accounts of a small business. The materials have been written to help a non-teaching STEM professional to work with students in an educational setting.


Crumble Card Buggy

This resource provides instructions for building a card buggy and creating a sample programme for your crumble board. You will need motors, a battery pack and connectors to complete the project.

STEM Clubs: Making an impact 2016-17

STEM Clubs offer young people valuable opportunities to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in an informal setting, allowing them to experiment, ask questions and tackle challenges that interest them. They provide students with opportunities to work in teams and participate in exciting...

Your rights to your information

This resource consists of a comprehensive teaching pack on the topic of data protection and compliance from the Information Commissioner’s Office. It is a self-contained resource that could be used in its entirety or themes and activities could be...

Teaching programming with Python

A series of five lesson plans aimed at students with no knowledge of Python. In the description it is stated that depending on the students' level of ability these might be adapted to take up to eight lessons. The resource contains some discussion about how and why one might want to start using Python as their...


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