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AI: Where is The Intelligence?

This booklet was created by the Computer Science for Fun team (Paul Curzon, Peter McOwan and Jonathon Black), for a Junior School project on artificial intelligence. Its articles include:

• The history of ‘living dolls’

• How we recognise intelligence - which animals / machines are clever?


Strings and Arithmetic Operations

This guide, for more advanced users of LINUX, shows how BASH scripts can be used for operations on strings and for arithmetical operations. The syntax for BASH is clearly explained.

BASH Basics

This introductory guide explains how to use the LINUX shell known as BASH (Bourne Again Shell). BASH is useful for linking together various programs for creating innovative solutions, and can unleash the power of a Raspberry Pi.

The guide covers running BASH, the syntax used, how to chain together commands,...

Embedding Text and Programs

This intermediate-level guide shows how BASH scripts can be used to handle files and to integrate other programming languages such as Perl. String manipulation features heavily in the exercises. A challenge is set to use a Python program along with a shell script.

So You Want to Learn to Program?

This e-book gives an introduction to programming in the BASIC language for middle to high school students. It can be used as:

*a nine or 18 week-long introduction to programming

*a brief introduction to programming concepts

*an introduction to data structures for non-programmers

* a...

Agent Cubes in a Box

Using the freely-available AgentCubes games-development software, this guide for teachers develops programming skills in an engaging way. Students are closely guided through the basics of creating a maze game with randomly-moving zombies and a hero who must find a safe path through. Keyboard interactions are...

Pair Programming in a Box

This guide for teachers aims to help them introduce pair-programming to coding in the classroom. This collaborative approach has been found to improve engagement and can result in higher-quality work than programming alone. The guide is aimed at teachers of college students, but the approaches can easily be adapted...

Python 3: Format ‘Cheat Sheet’

This handy guide sheet shows how the format () method can be used in a variety of situations:

• Inserting values into strings,
• Formatting layout and alignment,
• Displaying numbers with specific formats

A print-out-and-keep quick guide shows all the options available when using the...

Digital Images

Suitable for students of computing and digital media in secondary school, this in-depth reference resource covers many aspects of image data storage and compression.

A brief introduction includes how images are perceived by the human eye and how they are captured and stored by digital devices. Also:


Python 3: Iteration

For students with some prior experience of using simple For and While loops, this intermediate-level resource explores how they can be used for more complex coding while maintaining efficiency.

Exercises include arithmetic applications of While loops, and development of simple For loops to be usable in more...


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