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Making decisions: resource book for the decisions module

Designed to introduce microelectronics and information technology to young people, these support materials comprise a series of publications, software for use on microcomputers and a range of hardware. This resource booklet, which is part of the series is on making decisions, and covers hospital care, safety in the...

Physics: dynamic modelling system - BBC microcomputer handbook

The booklets of guidance were designed to help teachers or students set up models in the Dynamic Modelling System on different types of microcomputer available in schools at the time that Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics was published.

Computer book

Excel on your PC with the authorative Word on computers. Updated with sections on Windows XP, and covering subjects such as managing files, spreadsheets, exploring the internet and email, and installing and using peripherals, this is your one-stop guide to getting the most out of your computer. Includes a...

Beginner's guide to engineering: computer engineering

The Beginner’s Guide to Engineering series is designed to provide a very simple, non-technical introduction to the fields of engineering for people with no experience in the fields. Each book in the series focuses on introducing the reader to the various concepts in the fields of engineering conceptually rather...

Kahootz 3

Kahootz 3.0 software was developed for Primary and Secondary students (aged 7-15) to easily create, explore and invent their own 3D animations. With this program, users can create amazing 3D scenes combining Kahootz characters, animals and buildings with enhanced animation, soundtracks, their own voice-over and...

Computing in the national curriculum: a guide for primary teachers

This document, produced by Computing at School, is to support the teaching and learning of computing in primary school. The introduction explains the context of the document with computing being included in the 2014 national curriculum in England.

Computer programming for kids with scratch

Are you teaching computer programming to students? This is a quarter-length curriculum to help classroom teachers teach the Scratch programming language. It contains 30 full-color, student-tested tutorials (beginning, intermediate, and advanced), including making games like Pong, Asteroids, Pac-Man, an additional "...

BBC microcomputer in science teaching

For science teachers who want to get behind the coding and know how the programs work.

Active geometry: files and activities for Cabri Geometry II and the Geometer's Sketchpad

An excellent set of resources for teaching geometry using Cabri-Geometre II or using The Geometer’s Sketchpad.

Toolkit in data handling for projects

This aim of this resource is to help teachers to support students to acquire the skills required to analyse data and interpret trustworthy information from data. They are designed to be flexible and adaptable with the data providing the stimulation for interrogation and enquiry, and include examples and tasks.


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