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Skill 4.11 Matching Questions and Graphs

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity helps students to link information in graphs with questions that could be asked about the data.

Students are presented with a series of graphs and a series of questions. Their task is to match the questions to the graphs. Different activities...

Skill 4.2 Learning with Visuals

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity is designed to have students study a visual representation in detail. Students are asked to look consider components that include:
* the title
* its content
* information the students have gathered from the visual

Skill 4.3 Understanding Cross-sections

These activities, produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, help students to interpret diagrams and visual representations that are drawn in cross-section.

This is a skill that is often taken for granted but often used in scientific representations, such as when drawing apparatus. This activity...

Skill 4.4 Recognising Visual Symbols

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity provides students with a colour-coded map of the world. Students must try and interpret the visual representation.

A series of images gradually give more information, and finally a legend, which allows students to fully understand the image....

Bird Watching in Schools

This video, from Teachers TV, follows two schools as they take part in the RSPB's Big Schools' Birdwatch. This is a survey in which children observe birds in a bid to discover more about the wildlife in their local area. The activity is a good example of learning outside the classroom.

Those involved spend...

Electricity Circuits

From Teachers TV, this video shows how a Year Six teacher, Zoe Lowe, introduces electric circuits to her class. She uses innovative role-playing exercises to underpin the transition from symbolic diagrams to circuit boards.

Zoe's lesson begins with a card-matching exercise to assess what children know...

Engaging Girls with Practical Science

Produced by Teachers TV, this video takes a look at the work Skyswood Primary School in St Albans in trying to encourage girls to enjoy science.

When the staff at the school gave the children an annual questionnaire about subjects, they were alarmed to discover that while 70% of boys loved science, only...

Light: Lesson Review

In this Teachers TV programme Jane Turner, deputy director of the Science Learning Centre, (East of England), and Helen Ackerman, an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher), review a science lesson Helen taught to her Year One class on light.

They discuss the range of activities carried out in class and their...

Launch of the Key Stage Three National Strategy Training Materials

These Key Stage Three National Strategy training materials were produced to launch the Strategy in 2002. They focused on leadership and management of the Key Stage.


Supporting Transition from Year Six to Year Seven Science: Training Materials

The Key Stage Three National Strategy training materials produced in 2002 by the Department for Education examine the background to Key Stage Two/Three progression in science in relation to starting points at Key Stage Three. They examine what most students have already...


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