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Light Show

This Science Tube video, from Teachers TV, helps children to understand about light and seeing. There are five separate, short clips:

Day and night uses time-lapse film and animation from space. It shows how...

Changing State, Micro-Organisms and Other Topics

From Teachers TV, this video is part of the Lesson Starters series. It contains short video clips that can be used to introduce a particular primary school science idea.

Water, water, everywhere looks at how water...

Questions About Light

From Teachers TV, as part of its Lesson Planning Pack series, this video can be used to help children understand about light, shadows and seeing.

Two friends, Liz and Heather, go to the seaside for a holiday and encounter problems with the lights in their hotel. Their seaside trip soon turns into a spooky...

Theatre Lights

From Teachers TV, this lesson starter from the Lesson Planning Pack series helps children to think about how light can be used in a theatre to create mood.

The video brings the real world of light into the classroom and shows how light and colour can be used to create different moods on stage.


How Electricity is Used

From Teachers TV, this video is part of the Lesson Planning Pack series. Using the context of a theatre, it gives children the opportunity to explore the different ways electricity can be used. The video is suitable as a short starter activity to challenge children to think about how electricity is used.


How We Hear

From Teachers TV, this video contains an ideas for a lesson starter suitable for lower primary children. They look at how ears are used to hear and locate sound.

The short video shows two children playing hide-and-seek in the woods. Gabby is wearing earmuffs and, due to her muffled hearing, she's having...

Light - How We See Things

From Teachers TV, this video is part of the Lesson Starters series. It illustrates five different approaches to starting primary science lessons on light and seeing. At the end of each short clip, a question is posed to stimulate class discussion.

The different scenarios are: • A man looking for his black...

Skill 1.1 Saving and Finding Information

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity enables students to consider how techniques and methods for storing information have developed since prehistoric times. This looks at storage methods such as memory, drawings, written texts and digital media.

Students look at why the development...

Skill 1.11 Evaluating Websites

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity helps students to consider the reliability of information found on websites.

In a directed activity, students are encouraged to consider features of web sites such as:

* Is it up to date?
* Is it easy to find the information you...

Skill 1.2 Using the Library

These activities, produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, help students to see the importance of the library as a source of information for printed materials on a wide variety of topics. There is a particular focus on the science and technology sections.

The activity seeks to develop students'...


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