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The Vanishing Bowl of Water Trick

This magic trick uses the superabsorbent polymer sodium polyacrylate to make a bowl of water disappear. The crystals of sodium polyacrylate can absorb around 200 times their mass in water, turning the crystals into a gel, so it can easily soak up and hold all the water you pour in from your glass, even if the...

The Vanishing Head aka Ghost Drink Trick

In this magic trick, based on Pepper's ghost, any object placed in a box becomes transparent or sometimes even vanishes. By controlling the relative amounts of light transmitted and reflected through a piece of Perspex at a 45 degree angle, objects seem to appear or vanish.

Biology Loves Technology

This booklet is filled with examples of how scientists are combining Computing and Biology. There is a web address and QR code next to every summary so that students can follow the link and find out more.

Super Power Stories

This resource describes how engineers at Rolls Royce apply physics and chemistry in the development of their engines, including how materials behave in extreme conditions, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, the use of computer modelling to look at forces and energy transfers, and the use of maths in performance...

The shortage of physics teachers graphic

A statistical graphic from the Gatsby Foundation which demonstrates the chronic shortage of physics teachers across the UK and which looks at the various campaigns to address this shortfall over the past few years.

Space to Earth Astronaut Training

Tim Peake is a European Space Agency astronaut. This resource gives background to Tim’s training leading up to his mission in 2015/16 to the International Space Station. Tim is shown in survival training, in the swimming pool training for microgravity, and in the centrifuge at the European Astronaut Centre to...

Behaviour for Learning in Science

This training resource from the National Strategies considers the causes of poor behaviour for learning as well as staff behaviour and its impact on learning. The aim is for teachers to: • Develop an understanding of how both student and teacher emotions can impact on learning. • Develop some strategies to avoid...

Choose Earth science!

This leaflet sets out the wide range of fields in which geoscientists work and how they play an essential role in many aspects of life, from economics to health.

Geoscience Choices after School or College

This poster explains how to become a geoscientist. A brief explanation is given for the following areas of geoscience:

*Engineering geology
*Environmental geology
*Natural hazards

Biochemistry: career case studies

These careers case studies include: Fiona Russell - Postdoctoral Research Fellow Kelly Edwards - Research Information Co-ordinator Rachel Donnellan - Senior Analyst, Marketing Information and Research Richard Hinde - Senior Consultant at Datamonitor Healthcare


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