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Take your medicine

In this activity students investigate the rate of dissolution of different tablets in water and dilute hydrochloric acid (stomach strength, pH 2). They  then record and interpret their observations by answering questions.

Colour questions

In this activity tudents observe what happens when water or fat soluble pigments are added to water, oil or both. They mix a water soluble ink or food dye with water and add oil. They then mix grated carrot with water before adding oil. The students record their observations, attempt explanations and suggest...

Exploding cells

Students observe what happens to blood added to salt solutions of different concentrations. This is done in test tubes, although it may also be possible to observe what happens under a microscope. The students record their observations and attempt to explain what has happened to the red blood cells. They then...

Save our conkers

This is an activity where students investigate the organisms found in horse chestnut leaves infected by leaf miner moths.  The students then record their observations before being given identification guidance and further background information to consider.

STEM Ambassadors

This guide, from triple science support, offers background information and practical suggestions to support classroom practice when working with STEM Ambassadors and gives suggestions for securing progression, follow up activities and measuring impact. Integrating STEM Ambassadors within schemes of learning can be...

Accident investigation - a clean break?

In this activity, students study materials that have been broken in various ways in order to find ways of distinguishing between natural or deliberate breakage.

Sometimes, what looks like an accident turns out not to be. It may be vandalism, insurance fraud or even murder....

Be part of inspiring a new generation of engineers !

EDT is looking for mentors to work with teams of Year 8 and 9 students in Blackpool on an environmentally themed projects!



What is Go4SET?

Go4SET aims at sparking the interest of Pupils (ages 12-14)...

Science Debate Kits

Find resources and download free Debate Kits:

These Science Debate Kits give teachers everything they needed to run a debate on a set topic and help their students develop their evaluation skills. The activities provide a structured way to start...

Satellite Telemetry Interpretation

As part of the FUNcube STEM satellite outreach programme we have developer a student and teachers pack showing how to interpret rea data from graphs.

These can be found at:

Science Week Satellite Presentation

A short introduction to the design and development of a satellite intended for STEM outreach ( Also the work undertaken by the AMSAT and ARISS organisations in support of STEM through radio communications in space and on board the International Space...


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