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Fire extinguishers and combustion *suitable for home teaching*

In this predict-observe-explain activity, students explore different ways of extinguishing a flame with some surprising results. The lesson is introduced with the video of engineer Yusuf Muhammad. Yusuf is developing a revolutionary new household fire-safety device, incorporating the techniques of professional...

Making waves

These resources explores how engineers have used their knowledge of waves to improve lives.  The activities include:

  • Using the reflection of light to create a floating image
  • Investigating the best material for thermal resistance (insulation) in a survival suit

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Powerful practicals toolkit

This toolkit has been produced to help STEM Ambassadors to plan and deliver practical activities for students. It includes guidance, links to useful websites and resources for teachers to use. The toolkit is for both new and experienced STEM Ambassadors and it answers questions they might have about using practical...

The Mystery of the Levitating Train *suitable for home teaching*

In this Science upd8 activity students use their understanding of simple circuits, electricity and magnetism to diagnose and fix problems with the running of a magnetic train in a theme park.

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