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This will revolutionize education

This video explores how technology has always been expected to replace teachers.  It concludes that a teacher’s purpose is not to transmit information, but to guide the social process of learning. To challenge, inspire and excite their students to want to learn.

Speedy Boats

The focus of this activity is on the principle of hydrodynamics through testing boat hull designs in a test tank.

This activity gives students the opportunity to explore and develop their critical thinking and decision making skills through a practical approach. The experiment ensures a ‘fair’ set of...

Ocean Grabber

This resource is part of the Polar Explorer Resource Collection



Dilution plant challenge

Students undertake a challenge which many chemical engineers working in industry face regularly, proving that the science learnt in the classroom is being used on a daily basis within chemical engineering industry, and that simple dilution calculations can be the difference between profit and loss for multinational...

Prizes for STEM based primary school competitions based in and around Glasgow, Scotland

As part of The IET Scotland South West committee, we have available a small fund available to either provide small prizes or material to enable STEM investigations / competitions to be held in and around Glasgow.

The aim is to promote STEM competitions in primary school to highlight to young people the...

Underwater technology - echo ranger

This video by Boeing explains the challenges involved in creating an echo ranger that will work on the Boeing underwater systems. It explains the impact that this technology will have on exploration of the seas and the people that study them.

Improving wing design of aircraft: 737 Winglet

This video explains the development and impact of improved wing design by Boeing. Using the Boeing 737 as a case study, the video explains how the winglet improves aircraft efficiency and draws on the impact that design and engineering can have on travel and the environment.

Developing biofuels for the aircraft industry

This video by Boeing supports students to understand about biofuels, explaining what they are, why they are needed as a renewable fuel and the impact that developing them will have on the environment.

Parched Plants: Ultimate STEM Challenge

This is Challenge three of the 2017-18 . The competition is open to teams of two to four students aged 11 to 14 from across the UK.  Students can win some fantastic prizes, including an invitation to a celebratory event at the Science Museum, an Ultimate STEM experience day, £500 for their...

Brilliant Biogas: Ultimate STEM Challenge

This challenge is to design a system to generate and capture biomethane from food waste. Students are then to conduct an investigation to measure how to produce the most biomethane and find the best design for extracting biomethane from food waste.

This is Challenge One of the 2017-18 ...


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