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Physics Activity Pack for STEM Clubs

The pack contains three packages of physics-based activities for STEM clubs:

  • section 1 contains nine activities, each of which can be run over two to three sessions,
  • section 2 contains 20 short “physics to go” experiments, most of which also have an...

100 great jobs in STEM poster

This poster shows 100 exciting job roles that link to science, technology, engineering and maths.

Be inspired by the array of jobs you could consider in the future if you keep your options open with maths and science:

  • Cosmologist
  • Smart cities specialist
  • Sustainable energy...

Deciding Destinations KS3

The premise of this activity is that the school is sending a rover to Mars. Its mission is to search for evidence that life has ever existed there. The class must decide where the rover should land on Mars. They will do this by working in groups and investigating six potential  landing sites and weighing up the...

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