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Wild Weather

This resource looks at the impact of climate change, in particular flooding and drought, and how science can be used to mitigate against it. Students first explore perceptions about climate change, then look at ways to communicate the significance of climate change to different groups of people. They then explore...

Meal deal

In this resource students explore the science of combustion in the context of fuel-burning stoves from around the world. They investigate the energy output from a variety of fuels covering calorific values, simple combustion chemistry, stove efficiency and chimney design. The unit ends with a design task requiring...

Climate change leaflet

Produced by Practical Action, this leaflet looks at the effects of climate change on poor communities and what actions are being taken to tackle it.

Impacts of Climate Change

From Practical Action, these information sheets show the impacts of climate change on countries and real communities. They show how development projects are helping people to cope and adapt to their changing environment.

Bright Sparks: Scientists Today - Dr Marco Califano

This resource, which links to the topics of electricity and sustainable energy, takes the form of an interview with a modern day scientist, Dr Marco Califano. Marco investigates ways of using the Sun's energy to make electricity, so we do not have to rely on fossil fuels such as coal and gas. He talks about his...

Energy games

Resources which can be used to enhance a lesson on renewable energy or for homework activities. Includes:

  • A loop game activity with all the key words and facts needed at KS4
  • A renewable energy word search and the answer sheet
  • Crossword to test knowledge of key terms around energy at...

Global CREST challenges

Global CREST challenges are based around Practical Action’s work, which uses science and technology to address global issues such as energy, water and food.  They give students a real insight into how science and technology can be used to tackle challenges faced by...

Maths and science challenge 2012

This challenge asks teams of students to plan a major sporting event in their local area. The resource provides an opportunity for students to explore their ideas in a creative environment. Teams can define their own goals and priorities, but may want to focus on three main areas of planning an event:


The Temperature on Mars

Students will begin by comparing the range of temperatures on the Earth, Mars and the Moon, using the student worksheet ‘Temperature: from one extreme to another!’ They will have to plot the temperature over a ten-day period from 4 September to 13 September, as measured by three different craft that landed on the...

Young Engineers

This collection consists of five different projects or competitions which are part of the Young Engineer project. They consist of: *Launch pad-an exciting start up package to provide support and activities for engineering groups and clubs. *Making Knexions-a free programme of cross curricular activities and loan...


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