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Meet the EO Detectives

Earth Observation (EO) scientists collect information about the Earth – the land, the sea and the atmosphere – using sensors carried on satellites, aircraft, ships, buoys floating on the ocean and thousands of weather stations around the world. There is now a great deal of data available and scientists are finding...

Bright Sparks: Scientists Today - Dr Marco Califano

This resource, which links to the topics of electricity and sustainable energy, takes the form of an interview with a modern day scientist, Dr Marco Califano. Marco investigates ways of using the Sun's energy to make electricity, so we do not have to rely on fossil fuels such as coal and gas. He talks about his...

Danger: Rogue Waves

This Mathematics Matters case study, from the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, looks at how mathematical models try to understand the causes of rogue waves. These huge waves appear without warning, towering high over ships and oil rigs. Traditional mathematical models could not predict the occurrence...

What Do Social Scientists Do? Geography

This Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) resource gives information about career options for people who study geography. It starts by defining the subject, including its component parts of human and physical geography. Human geography includes studies of cultures, population, economies, health and medicine...

Stephen Sparks

At the time of this film, Professor Steve Sparks was the Director of the Centre for Environmental and Geophysical Flows at Bristol University. He had revolutionised the study of volcanoes, changing it from an essentially observational science to one where theories are tested by experiments before being put to...

Preserving Britain's Coastlines

This Mathematics Matters case study looks at the serious problem of coastal erosion. Much of the UK’s coastline is undergoing erosion, placing homes, businesses and other important coastal sites at risk. Mathematical modelling can enable us to understand both the short and long term processes that lead to erosion,...

Choose Earth science!

This leaflet sets out the wide range of fields in which geoscientists work and how they play an essential role in many aspects of life, from economics to health.

Geoscience Choices after School or College

This poster explains how to become a geoscientist. A brief explanation is given for the following areas of geoscience:

*Engineering geology
*Environmental geology
*Natural hazards

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