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Animal research and human medicine: a resource for Schools

This booklet is designed to support teachers working with pupils on the issues surrounding the use of animals in medicines research. Whether used in the context of Citizenship, PSE, Science, English or RE, it aims to provide a useful resource for both teachers and pupils across the UK.

Mince Flies

This resource looks at the environmental impact of our food choices in terms of water usage, world food supply and greenhouse gas production. The activities aim to challenge students' fears and prejudices about the foods common to other cultures and to consider the importance of eating insects as a source of...

Discovering DNA

This resource provides background information for students about the structure of DNA, DNA replication, genetic engineering, cloning, genetic testing and DNA fingerprinting.

The activities for students include a practical activity where students extract their own DNA from cheek epithelial cells or plant...

Citizen Science and Curriculum for Excellence

This guide provides a wealth of information about the benefits of being involved in citizen science and how to incorporate it into the curriculum, with links to citizen science projects and resources.

Citizen science projects can range from discovering a new quasar in space, counting elephants in the...


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