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Fuel Poverty 1

In this activity, students investigate what is meant by fuel poverty. This could be used as a starter activity in mathematics or design and technology, with a focus on economic reasons for the development of sustainable power sources. Using the slides as stimulus material, students are asked to discuss:


Table Tennis Server

Students work in teams to design and make a prototype device that will serve tennis balls consistently across a table tennis table. The server must fit securely on the edge of the table and serve at least four balls accurately and precisely in the same position and allow the ball to be returned.

In this...


In this activity, students consider energy transfers and calculate work done, speed, power and efficiency in order to compare two RNLI lifeboats in a rescue situation. They then go on to explore how much energy can be saved by restricting the speed during non-emergency situations.

Students work out how...

Writing a Flowchart

This engineering activity, suitable for children in computing lessons, looks at the basics of flowchart construction.

Simple examples, such as the decisions made by a dog chasing a stick, are used to make flowchart representation of algorithms accessible to younger children.

A simple design activity...


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