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This resource, provided by the Association for Science Education (ASE) and part of the SYCD Science Year Who am I? collection, is a template for successful bridging projects.It is designed as transition activity for students moving from primary to secondary school.

By collecting visas for skills and...

British ESA astronaut Tim Peake invites UK children to exercise alongside him as he trains two hours a day on the highest and fastest gym in the Universe – travelling at 27,600 km per hour and circling the world every 90 minutes. The triathlon styled challenge encourages schools to create their own ‘spaceathlons...

BP Educational Service (BPES) provides inspiring, curriculum-linked teaching resources for primary and secondary schools and colleges. The resources feature animated video clips, lesson plans, posters and worksheets.

This collection includes a selection of materials from BP's freely available resources to...

Careers Resources

Many of BP's educational resources provide insights into a wide range of career routes. The materials support the teaching of subject concepts, and also help young people to see how STEM subject knowledge contributes to achievement of technological and engineering goals in business and industry.

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