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This collection of five Moonsaics have been created by the National Schools' Observatory, they consist of five different images of the Moon, separated into multiple picture panels per image, much like a "giant jigsaw puzzle". Students are challenged to assemble the completed images, offering them the opportunity to...

Is There Anyone Out There?

This resource was funded by the UK Space Agency and developed by ESERO-UK and CIEC Promoting Science. It is based upon the quest to discover more about the solar system through space projects such as the European Space Agency’s Aurora programme, and NASA’s Curiosity mission seeking to gather evidence of life on the...

Imaging the Earth

Combing satellite and ground-based imagery, this cross-curricular learning resource for primary teachers explores planet Earth from a range of perspectives.

The activities are intended to build map skills and recognition of many physical geography features in familiar and unfamiliar locations. Mathematics...

Darkness dwellers

This resource requires children to imagine the world without any light. Drawing from nature for ideas and inspiration, they design ‘stick people’ with special features and powers to live in a world of darkness. The lesson is best done in a woodland or other natural environment, with an optional extension back...

Planning an Antarctic Expedition

This resource is part of the Polar Explorer Resource Collection

Within this resource, learners will work in groups of four, use their mathematical skills...

Ocean Grabber

This resource is part of the Polar Explorer Resource Collection



Animals Over Winter (Age 7-11)

This resource, produced by ARKive, is designed to teach Key Stage Two children about the strategies animals adopt to survive winter in temperate zones and about the adaptations exhibited by animals in the polar regions. Children compare these strategies and identify similarities and differences in the ways animals...

Animal teeth

This activity includes some illustrations of animals and their foods along with a simple cloze activity that children complete using their knowledge of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, their different teeth and their different diets. This activity has been provided by The Online Dentist.

Tooth types KS2

This resource includes activity sheets on different types of teeth: it requires children to identify and draw relevant teeth.  The resource has been provided by The Online Dentist.

Smell, emotions and memory


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