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In this resource from ESA, students' mission is to design and build a vehicle that will protect their Eggnaut from the perils of re-entry from space. The objective is to have your Eggnaut survive the fall without a crack. The project can be adpated for either primary or secondary students. The resource was produced...

Earth Math

This series of activities from NASA take a mathematical approach to looking at the Earth and its atmosphere. They are intended as supplementary problems for students looking for additional challenges in mathematics and physical science from age 11 to 19 years.

The problems were created to be authentic...

Domestic Science

Aimed at primary level, this pack investigates the science in everyday life. They investigate a range of topics including: irreversible reactions involved in cooking, the density of liquids, microorganisms, properties of materials and electricity. Designed to demonstrate key ideas and concepts and to spark an...

Cut-out models of ESA spacecraft

Templates for cut-out and stick paper models of various ESA spacecraft.


* Cassini simple model kit

* Cassini advanced model kit

* Integral model kit

* ISO model kit

* Mars Express model kit

* Soho model kit

* Ariane 4 model kit

* Gaia model...

Cosy winter homes

An activity to build an animal shelter for the winter which provides suggestions for the range (and types) of materials required.

Cleaning your teeth

A set of activities from the Crest Awards project around the subject of tooth brushes and toothpaste.  The bronze activity focuses on making and evaluating a toothpaste. The silver activity is about researching and testing toothpastes currently available on the market. The gold activity focuses on comparing and...

Change Champions

Aimed at primary level, this pack contains ten activities on the theme of change. The activities cover a mixture of topics including; the weather, erosion, movement, sound, light, dissolving, change of state, colour, growth, microorganisms and design and technology. Designed either for use in class or within a...

Building a telescope

A classroom activity where students make a simple telescope (using lenses and cardboard tubes)  that uses two different types of lens to magnify distant objects, and then find out how it works.

Build an aphid isolation tower

In this resource students use a plastic bottle to isolate a plant and see the effects of an aphid infestation.

This collection contains ten activity packs on a variety of topics at primary level. Each activity pack contains a range of activities, which may be used in class, as part of a whole school science week or in a science club. The activities are hands-on and designed to engage children in a fun, yet stimulating way....


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