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Are we connected?

A STEM teaching and learning resource that explores engineering through the technology we communicate and connect with.

Student-led STEM Clubs - Handbook

A useful handbook for setting up a student-led STEM club, with exemplars from three schools.

It is increasingly recognised that giving students opportunities to act as ambassadors and mentors for STEM subjects outside of school can be of great benefit to the individual, their institution, and to the broader...

A Teacher's Guide - Linking careers to the STEM curriculum

Linking Careers to the STEM Curriculum is a careers resource aimed at teachers of science, design and technology, computing, engineering and mathematics. It offers immediate ideas to try, longer term solutions and resource recommendations for linking careers to lessons.

This guide will help you to:


Grand Challenges posters

This collection of careers related posters can be used to showcase some of the Grand Challenges that Government, universities and employers are working together to try and solve.

These posters cover four Grand Challenges:

  • ...

Introduction to Roving with Rosalind


Roving with Rosalind is an education and outreach project funded by the UK Space Agency which presents Mars mission based classroom activities for primary and secondary schools as well as activity groups. The slides given here provide a very brief overview of the activities that have been produced and a...

How I take measurements in civil engineering

Sarah is an apprentice civil engineer, in this Discover STEM video she talks about the different ways that she takes measurements when inspecting structures, including a measuring wheel, caliper, tape measure and laser measure.

Sarah has contributed to this Discover STEM video as a volunteer with the STEM...

Using graphs to understand social media networks

Francesca is a Mathematics Engagement Officer for the University of Edinburgh. In this Discover STEM video, Francesca explores how graphs can be used to show the networks that people have on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By understanding how people connect with each other on social...

Quantity Surveyor A Day in the Office

This maths in construction resource explores some common maths that a Quantity Surveyor uses while at work—most commonly to do with calculating areas and assessing the cost of a project. The session includes a group activity where students work together to calculate the costs of paint that would be needed for a...

Pythagoras' Theorem in Construction

This maths in construction resource looks at Pythagoras’ Theorem and the importance of right angles in construction. The activity is supplemented by worksheet-based calculations and links to careers in Quantity Surveying and Construction Site Manager.

Measuring in 3D

This maths in construction resource asks students to measure their classroom and make costing calculations. It also includes careers links to Quantity Surveying.


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