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Biochemistry: the Career Guide

This Biochemical Society careers resource is aimed at students and provides an overview of the impact of biochemistry on other areas of science, a description of what biochemistry is and an illustration of the range of organisations which employ biochemists.

There is also a description of the types of...

Biochemistry: career case studies

These careers case studies include: Fiona Russell - Postdoctoral Research Fellow Kelly Edwards - Research Information Co-ordinator Rachel Donnellan - Senior Analyst, Marketing Information and Research Richard Hinde - Senior Consultant at Datamonitor Healthcare

Careers guidance in schools and colleges: a guide to best practice and commissioning careers guidance services

This guide offers a practical step by step approach to interpreting, meeting and exceeding the requirement of the Statutory Guidance for schools.

It also includes two pages on the work of the Career Development Institute, which has a key role to play in influencing careers and skills policy and a...

Survey of career education and guidance in schools and links with employers

This report presents the findings of a survey of the current (2015) provision of career education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in schools in England, and  how schools are currently using links with employers to contribute to their provision of CEIAG.

Why does employer engagement matter? A toolkit for managing employer activities in schools and colleges

The Career Development Institute (CDI) has produced this practical guide to designing and implementing the work-related curriculum.

It is written specifically to support careers coordinators and careers advisers in schools and colleges and is packed with tried and tested ideas, facts and templates. It is...

The female face of civil engineering

This booklet illustrates ten case studies of civil engineers describing their career paths and options within civil engineering.  The publication is aimed at school students to inspire and interest them in engineering careers and to emphasise the value of STEM subjects.  

Head of device and sim technology

Eddie is the head of device and sim technology at Vodafone UK, his discusses his role in this video. Eddie and his team make sure customers’ handsets works with Vodafone's network. He aims to provide a good customer experience as well as working with the latest technology. He did well at school and studied maths,...

Head of engineering

This video presents James, head of engineering for a radio company. James discusses how after finishing school he didn't know what to study at ...

Audio designer

Ross is an audio engineer at Realtime Worlds, he discusses his role in this video. His role involves creating, recording and editing sound effects for video games. He has always enjoyed music and worked in a music shop after he left school. He went on to working in a recording studio where he picked up technical...


Julia is a dietitian for Addenbrookes Hospital, she discusses her role in this video.



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