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Big ideas: the future of engineering in schools

The Big Ideas: the future of engineering in schools report, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering, reflects the views of leading engineering education experts and key stakeholders such as employers, parents and students. It proposes that students should be explicitly taught about engineering and the...

I’m an engineer, get me out of here!

I’m an engineer, get me out of here! is a free online event where students can meet and interact with real engineers in the form of an X Factor-style competition.  This resource explains how to register and includes three lesson plans to support the activity.

Students challenge the engineers over fast-paced...

A clear view from the top

This Catalyst article describes the construction of the British Airways i360 tower in Brighton. It is the world’s tallest moving observation tower whose capsule is based on an ‘oblate ellipsoid’, is ten times bigger than a single London Eye capsule and is 18 metres in diameter. 

This article is from Catalyst...

Catalyst Volume 26 Issue 3: full magazine

This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles:

Can we save our horse chestnut trees?

This article investigates the reasons behind extensive early browning of the horse chestnut trees.


Born to Engineer - Lewis Wilde

One chance conversation led Lewis to a seriously exciting apprenticeship in engineering. Studying for A-levels isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and for Lewis Wilde, taking on an apprenticeship instead was “definitely the best decision” he ever made.

Thanks to a chance meeting with the owner of Island RIBs, an...

Born to Engineer - Kim Cave-Ayland

Meet Engineer Kim Cave-Ayland. She creates Stars for a living. At the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, engineers and physicists are working to create a safe, low-pollution power source that could change the world forever.

Born to Engineer - Steve Greenland

In this video, Steve Greenland shares his experiences as a Satellite Engineer, working on small Cubesat satellites in the UK. He provides an overview of Cubesat technology and explains his role in bringing the technology to life.

Born to Engineer - Yusuf Muhammad

In this video, Yusef Muhammad describes how his skills as an engineer and designer helped to create a new piece of technology - Automist. The technology is a fire fighting device that can be installed in kitchens, and when a heat alarm is triggered, used to help extinguish the fire.

Workshop 2: DC22 Disassembly - Key Stage Four Resources

These resources, provided by the James Dyson Foundation, include lesson plans, activities and a presentation to support Key Stage Four design and technology and engineering courses. Through these resources, students learn about successfully designed products, the process of product analysis and design and about...

Workshop 1: Turbine Head Disassembly - Key Stage Four Resources

These resources, provided by the James Dyson Foundation, aim to support the Key Stage Four design and technology and engineering courses.Through a PowerPoint presentation, quiz and activity sheets, students learn about product analysis and successfully designed products. Using disasembly, they learn about design...


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