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Inspired by space: engaging girls in STEM

This guide supports educators in inspiring all children to enjoy activities relating to STEM subjects, in particular girls. It looks at statistics of women in STEM roles and introduces many female...

Reimagine a solution to a real-life problem

This resource was created to support the bp Ultimate STEM Challenge competition 2018.

In this year, the bp Ultimate STEM Challenge asked students to put their science, technology, engineering and maths skills to the test and re-...

Parched Plants: Ultimate STEM Challenge

This is Challenge three of the 2017-18 bp Ultimate STEM Challenge competition.

Water is essential for human life. As almost 97 per cent of the Earth’s water is salt water in the oceans and seas, and the majority of our fresh water is tied up in glaciers, ice caps and groundwater, it is important that it is...

Handy Hydro: Ultimate STEM Challenge

This is Challenge Two of the 2017-18 bp Ultimate Stem Challenge. 

The challenge is to design a simple system to generate electricity from moving water. Students are to plan and carry out an investigation to measure how much electrical energy your system can produce and find the best design for extracting...

Brilliant Biogas: Ultimate STEM Challenge

This is Challenge One of the 2017-18 bp Ultimate  STEM Challenge competition. 

This challenge is to design a system to generate and capture biomethane...

Auto arms

This is challenge three from the 2016-17 bp Ultimate STEM Challenge competition. 

bp uses remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) to inspect and maintain seabed equipment. These use hydraulic or motorised robot arms to grip and manipulate tools and controls. The challenge for students is to find the...

Future flight

This is challenge two from the 2016-17 bp Ultimate STEM Challenge competition. 

bp uses aerial surveys to identify potential new oil reserves, or to inspect remote equipment. Remote controlled aircraft, or drones, can offer a lower cost, safer alternative to light aircraft. The challenge for students is to ...

Rescue rockets

This is Challenge One from the 2016-17 bp Ultimate STEM Challenge competition.  

bp operates oil rigs and ships around the world, often in remote places. While emergencies are rare, distress rockets or flares offer a visual signal that can be seen from many miles away...

STEM Club Activity: Smart Muscle

This resource looks at whether it is possible to mimic human movement by using prosthetic technology to make a ‘muscle’ for a new generation of robots, so they can lift their arms and grab objects.

Water, Water, Everywhere? (11-14)

This resource, from Siemens UK, encourages students to appreciate the importance of clean water and the problems that may arise in the absence of it. Students consider soluble and insoluble pollutants and methods of filtration. They then explore contamination by microorganisms, water-borne diseases and the...


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