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Cars on the Move

Work done in this Nuffield 13 - 16 module followed from the S unit called ‘Rockets and momentum’. This S unit provided enough material for eight double periods during a single-certificate science course. The teachers’ guide included eight worksheets to supplement the students’ booklet.

The general notes in...

Supersonic Flight

This book looks at supersonic flight.

The shock boundary caused by the abrupt change in pressure is explained with the aid of a diagram. The development of supersonic aircraft is explored, with a look at the overall efficiency of supersonic flight compared to subsonic flight. The effect of kinetic heating...


The Young Scientist Investigates topic book on Structures was published in 1984 and gives information, illustrated by full colour drawings and photographs, about structures of living things, buildings, bridges and roads. It is intended for children aged 8-11 to read and then to answer question and carry out some...


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