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The Inspired Bus Company (11-14)

This resource from Siemens encourages students to explore the challenges facing bus designers when producing a bus for an urban environment and investigate how different solutions can be identified and evaluated.

The video clip introduces the bus as something which is essential to a wide range of people and...

Here Comes the Sun (11-14)

This activity encourages students to explore the factors affecting decisions about energy sources. The video clip is used to set the challenge in a real life context. Buma lives is a town called Abuja and, although he likes the city itself, the regular power cuts present him with a dilemma: using the petrol...

I Can See Clearly Now (11-14)

This resource looks at the effective use of low energy light bulbs and how they have enabled the waterfront at Durban in South Africa to be transformed. The first activity sets the scene by showing how lighting is not only a technical process but has a social impact too. It then presents students with the challenge...

Table Tennis Server

Students work in teams to design and make a prototype device that will serve tennis balls consistently across a table tennis table. The server must fit securely on the edge of the table and serve at least four balls accurately and precisely in the same position and allow the ball to be returned.

In this...

Clean Silent Trains

This resource, aimed at primary learners, looks at how science, technology and engineering has shaped the way we live. It is divided into four activities which link to aspects of technology, science and mathematics.

The power of steam

The first part of this activity introduces...

Writing a Flowchart

This engineering activity, suitable for children in computing lessons, looks at the basics of flowchart construction.

Simple examples, such as the decisions made by a dog chasing a stick, are used to make flowchart representation of algorithms accessible to younger children.

A simple design activity...


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