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e-Textiles in a Box

This professional development resource provides teachers with the basic knowledge to deliver an e-textiles project in the classroom. The four lessons of varying duration cover: • basic electronics with batteries and LEDs • Using craft techniques to create wearable electronics • Introductory programming with Arduino...

Open Softwear: Fashionable Prototyping and Wearable Computing Using the Arduino

This guide is suitable to support a full introductory wearable-technology project using Arduino. It gives an overview of the Arduino system as well as the key terms surrounding ‘making’ and ‘hacking’. After a brief review of basic electrical theory, a closer look at the inputs and outputs of a basic board, and of...

Fibres and Fabrics

This booklet is part of the ‘Innovations in Practical Work’ series published by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP). New applications for traditional fabrics are being found, but increasingly, fibres and fabrics are engineered for specific purposes. Much research is currently being undertaken in the...

Nuffield Home Economics: fibres and fabrics

Fibres and Fabrics was one of the four topics that featured as a separate area of study in the Nuffield Home Economics course for students aged 14–16. The aim was to allow students to learn textile science in a way that would be useful to them in everyday life.

The emphasis in the course was on learning...

Coloured Things, Stages One and Two

This Science 5/13 unit for teachers Coloured things stages one and two provides suggestions for children's activities some of which relate directly to colour itself whilst others use an interest in coloured things as a springboard to other areas of investigation. Each chapter has an environmental theme rich in...

Fibres and Fabrics

This book looks at several aspects of fibres and fabrics:

* Examining fibres

* Burning fibres

* Paper

* Making fibres

* The strength of fibres

* The wear of fabrics

* Fabrics as insulators

* Shrinkage

* Detergents

* Fabric brighteners...

Dyes and Dyeing

This book looks at the following aspects of dyes:

*Natural dyes

*Mordants and fastness

*Creative dyeing

*Making and testing dyes


*Colouring metals

*Uses of dyes

Dyes and Dyeing was one of the Science at Work series. All the booklets in the series were...

LAMP Topic Brief 9: Paints and Dyes

This Topic Brief was published as part of the ASE’s LAMP Project. This unit was developed from work carried out with non-academic boys and girls in the age range 14 to 16 years. It was tried with some success on groups of between 12 and 15 in an urban comprehensive school of 1750 pupils. The average reading age of...

Dyes and Dyeing

This booklet in the Griffin Technical Studies series provides practical activities which investigate dyes and dyeing.

1. Introduction
2. Vegetable dyes
3. Fastness of dyes
4. Mineral dyes
5. Synthetic dyes - development of the industry
6. Synthetic dyes...


This booklet in the Griffin Technical Studies series provides practical experiments which investigate the inherent properties of many natural and artificial fibres. It also considers methods of modifying and finishing older fabrics to add some of the properties that synthetic materials offer.

The resource...


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