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The James Dyson Foundation: Ideas Box

This resource aims to get students excited about engineering. Students begin by considering “What is a design engineer” and then embark on a design hunt in the classroom to find an everyday object that can be improved and redesigned.

Future Morph: Theatre Technician

In this Future Morph video Suresh Chawla talks about designing, building and moving stage scenery. Suresh explains how working in the theatre challenges him to solve design problems and build useable solutions. He describes how scenery must be light and strong before explaining how some pieces are moved with pulley...

Future Morph: Timber Framer

This Future Morph video clip introduces Marc Watson, a timber framer, who discusses constructing and designing frames for buildings. Marc describes how the properties of different woods and the forces acting on a frame must be taken into consideration. This includes calculating forces on individual beams and the...

Want to Do Something Different?

Produced by the Gender Equality and Race Inclusion (GERI) project, this teacher guidance and classroom activities outline a process that encourages young people to explore, in a comprehensive and constructive way, those jobs usually done by members of the opposite sex. Case studies and activities look at various...

Top Trumps

This resource from the Department for Education is a set of 'Top Trumps' cards, which help students reflect on the skills and personality traits of individuals in particular careers. The cards could be used as a starter activity before students reflect on their own attributes and interests.

Future Morph careers quest

Future Morph Careers Quest was developed for students attending one of the the Big Bang science fairs. In the activity, students question exhibitors about aspects of their work and how they had chosen their particular career.

Whilst developed for a an exhibition context, the resources can suggest questions...

Protecting Your Head

Protecting Your Head, from the Centre for Science Education, is a set of teaching materials which offer a cross-curricular approach to learning about engineering. The context for the activities is the design of head protection for snowboarders where the risk of injury is significant but personal image is also...

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