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Home Security

Students first evaluate existing alarm systems and learn about a burglar’s attitude towards them using a video featuring reformed criminals. They are then briefed to create a working door access and alarm system using a BBC micro:bit and selected input and output components such as LDRs, reed switches, buzzers and...

Transport Displays

This activity, suitable for a cross-STEM project day or series of lessons, focuses on how information can be provided to travellers on the London Underground.

Students are asked to consider user needs – what information would they need to see, and how might their requirements be communicated? A deep...

Microbes in Yoghurt

In this experiment students prepare a smear slide of yoghurt and observe Gram stained bacteria using a microscope. The lesson also looks at magnification and representing numbers in standard form.

Curriculum links include:

* Working Scientifically - Experimental Skills and Investigations: use...

Den Day

Create a den at school using this STEM challenge, which links to geography and D & T. Children learn about natural disasters and how they affect people in many ways, then are challenged to plan and construct a sturdy structure.

Designed to raise awareness...

It's a wrap!

Most of the food we buy comes packed in plastic, cardboard or tins and jars, but why? Children explore this question, by investigating the properties of different materials, and finding out what the best packaging is for keeping food fresh. In this lesson, designed for ages 5-6,  children carry out an...

Secondary Design and Technology Introductory Challange - Airdrop Relief

A team working introductory design and technology activity for secondary students aged 11-16 working in small teams. The activity takes between 60-90 minutes to complete.

Activity Theme: Parachutes

STEM Links: Forces, Resistance, Design, Structural Aerodynamics,...

Primary Design and Technology Introductory Project - The Puff Buggy

A team working introductory design and technology activity for primary pupils aged 7-11 working in small teams. The activity takes between 60-90 minutes to complete.

Activity Theme: Vehicles and Motion

STEM Links: Forces, Friction, Kinetic Energy, Vehicles, Axles,...

Henri Le Worm Cooking Lesson Plans

Dear teachers,

Together with some working teachers, we have created some fun and colourful FREE resources to an OFSTED standard.  The resources are about encouraging young children to learn about growing and cooking fresh food.  The lesson plans are also cross curricular and...


This Nuffield Working with Science unit aimed to enable students to design circuits to meet specific needs. The plan was also to help students to realise the range of electronics problems which they can solve by taking a systems approach.

Guidance for teachers and technicians appears in...


This resource provides activity cards for students to explore the use of electric circuits and electromagents. Activities include:

[b]Basic circuits[/b]

1. Will it light?
2. Bulbs/bulbholders
3. On/off
4. Short circuits and fuses
5. Circuit wise
6. Circuit trace


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