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Structures Post-16

Produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this book contains five design and make challenges and seven study files. The materials and activities help students to investigate structures and the use of resistant materials. The study units look at, and help students to practise, skills and techniques...

Manufacturing Post-16

This publication, from the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), helps students to understand the manufacturing process through a series of design challenges. Each has a specific brief and the topics include: • Designing and making a helping hand • Robotics: designing and making a walking robot • CAD/CAM:...

James Dyson Foundation: Ideas Box

This resource aims to get students excited about engineering. Students begin by considering “What is a design engineer” and then embark on a design hunt in the classroom to find an everyday object that can be improved and redesigned.

Student Booklets

Four simple student booklets from the Nuffield Foundation to teach the basics of designing. *Booklet one: Deciding what to design and make *Booklet two: Developing and communicating design ideas *Booklet three: Planning and making *Booklet four: Evaluating

Portable Power

These materials, from Practical Action, encourage students to look at the use of batteries and the development of more sustainable power sources for portable devices. Typically, electronics projects use disposable batteries as a convenient source of energy. Electronics projects can, however, provide opportunities...

Key Stage Three Chooser Charts

The Student's Book contains seventeen chooser charts, which help students make decisions about approaches to take for Strategy and Communication.

Also for selection of appropriate materials when working with resistant materials, textiles, food and technical components.

The chooser charts are...

Electronic Products: Design Guides

This set of guides for Key Stage Four focuses on electronic products, providing an overview of components. Including sensors, inputs and outputs.

The design guides can act as a stimulus for students who are having difficulty in deciding on their main coursework. They can provide a reminder...

Crumble Card Buggy

This resource provides instructions for building a card buggy and creating a sample programme for your crumble board. You will need motors, a battery pack and connectors to complete the project.

Electronic circuits and components

This classroom presentation and worksheet describe to students a number of supports the teaching of electrical circuits and components. It looks at parallel and series circuits and provides an overview of a number of components (E.g. switch, thermistor, light dependent resistor, motor, LED, bulb, speaker, buzzer,...

Open and closed loop electronic systems

This resource is an introductory lesson to electronic systems. Its content looks at system diagrams (I.e. circuit diagram, flow charts), open loop systems and closed loop systems. Using the key terms input, process, output and feedback, students are given examples of products and asked to describe the system that...


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