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Emergency Communications

Engineers are vital when a disaster strikes. When there are floods, hurricanes or earthquakes, it is engineers that are needed. As the engineer rescue team, students are challenged to develop an engineering solution to ensure communications between two towns can be maintained. Students must: 1. Design and build...

Table Tennis Server

Students work in teams to design and make a prototype device that will serve tennis balls consistently across a table tennis table. The server must fit securely on the edge of the table and serve at least four balls accurately and precisely in the same position and allow the ball to be returned. In this...

Flood Defence

Students work in teams to design and make a prototype device that can design and make a prototype of a simple device (to be sold in stores like B&Q) that will allow homeowners to remove water from their house during periods of flooding.

In this challenge the device will have to move 100ml of water from...

Remote Operations

This Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) DIY Faraday Challenge asks students to work in teams to design and make a prototype device that can be operated remotely to pick up objects and accurately locate them on a given target. Devices such as these are increasingly used in medical engineering...

Good vibrations

Students can see sound vibrations through these three practical engaging experiments.

Over the rainbow

Students experiment with prisms and 3D cinema glasses to explain some of the interesting properties of light and their cinematic application.

Chemical eruption

Students recreate the reaction of a volcano using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (dilute acetic acid).

Magic drum

In this activity students make their own zoetrope, which creates the illusion of a moving pictures by rapidly spinning individual static pictures. A movie is traditionally made from 24 frames of individual images played per second to create the moving picture.  Originally a vintage toy from the 1830s, a zoetrope (...

Bionic Boy

The Bionic Boy resources take inspiration from the Born to Engineer video from Ben Ryan, who is working to develop low-cost 3D-printed prosthetic limbs for young children and babies. Through discussion and practical activity, this resource supports students to increase their understanding of engineering through...

Creating sparks for energy

This resource challenges students to design a spectacular human-powered invention for creating the spark which lights the bio-fuel generator of a newly built state-of-the-art, eco-friendly house. The students need to produce a design for their invention and enough evidence to convince the judges that the device...


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