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Flood Warning System

After learning about flooding, students consider the design problems caused by its early detection. Students are introduced to moisture sensors, and can build their own using the instructions provided or use a ready-made version. This is connected to the BBC micro:bit and used as an input device. After processing...

Home Security

Students first evaluate existing alarm systems and learn about a burglar’s attitude towards them using a video featuring reformed criminals. They are then briefed to create a working door access and alarm system using a BBC micro:bit and selected input and output components such as LDRs, reed switches, buzzers and...

Scratch Interface

This guide shows how the BrickPi can enable novice programmers to use Scratch to control complex robots and models.

The instructions need to be followed using Scratch on the Raspberry Pi computer. The resulting programs use different input and output devices, including touch and colour sensors and motors....

10. Electronics of Control Systems

In these experiments students make and test circuits to investigate a range of effects:

Section A: Transforming a d.c. power supply
*Experiment A(i): Step-up voltage regulator
*Experiment A(ii): Step-down voltage regulator
*Experiment A(iii): High current step-down regulator

Control Systems

Work done in this Nuffield 13 - 16 module followed from the B units called ‘Breathing and circulation’ and ‘Food and digestion’, also from the S unit ‘Circuits’. This D unit provided enough material for eight double periods during a Further Science course and built on the content of the S units for Single Science....


This resource provides activity cards for students to explore the use of electric circuits and electromagents. Activities include:

[b]Basic circuits[/b]

1. Will it light?
2. Bulbs/bulbholders
3. On/off
4. Short circuits and fuses
5. Circuit wise
6. Circuit trace


This book looks at several aspects of Electronics:

* Lamps and resistors

* Diodes, thermistors and LDRs

* Reeds and relays

* Transistors

* Light operated switches

* Frost and steam alarms

* A rain alarm

* A simple amplifier

* A two-stage amplifier



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