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Evidence that counts

The reports in this publication demonstrate the potential of practising teachers to carry out research which applies a scientific method, both in terms of the generation of school-based local and contextual evidence and with regard to the development of a research-engaged, research-informed and research-led...

ENTHUSE partnership impact report 2017

ENTHUSE Partnership funding enables groups of four to eight schools and colleges to work together, with support from STEM Learning on a two-year intensive programme to raise aspiration and achievement in STEM subjects. Each Partnership can access up to £20,000 worth of support, including face-to-face CPD, in-school...

STEM learning primary magazine - autumn 2017

STEM Learning primary magazine – autumn 2017

In this issue you can get some whizpopping ideas for Roald Dahl Day from Karen Brunyee. The magazine also features the...

STEM learning secondary and FE magazine: spring 2018

This issue of the magazine includes the following articles:

  • Have your Pi and eat it too by Michael Anderson
  • Bananas are big business by Ed Walsh
  • The E in STEM by Gill Collinson and Gemma Taylor
  • Celebrating International Darwin Day by Simon Quinnell
  • Applying learning...

STEM learning secondary and FE magazine: autumn 2017

STEM Learning secondary and FE magazine – autumn 2017

In this issue you can find out about the science behind fireworks. The magazine also features the following articles...

This will revolutionize education

This video explores how technology has always been expected to replace teachers.  It concludes that a teacher’s purpose is not to transmit information, but to guide the social process of learning. To challenge, inspire and excite their students to want to learn.

What Makes a Fast Boat?

This activity can be used to explore the relationship between shape and hydrodynamics (resistance).

Curriculum links include aerodynamics, resistance, forces, buoyancy and thrust. There are a number of useful links to supporting video clips and webpages.

The activity is part of the ...

Presenting Speedy Boats Results

This activity considers displaying data from a practical investigation looking at the effect of streamlining a boat's hull. It gives students the opportunity to consider how this information can be represented effectively and use this to form conclusions. The reliability of their results will then be discussed....

Investigating Streamlined Shapes

This activity will allow students a practical opportunity to apply the formula of speed to establish and consider why streamlined shapes are advantageous.

The activity gives students the opportunity to explain what their results show and relate it back to the science they have learnt previously on forces....

Aerodynamics in Action

In this activity, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), students explore the basic principles of aerodynamics by looking at familiar products that have been designed with speed in mind and identifying features common to these products. The activity is part of the ...


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