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Bringing Tinkering to School: Ideas for Activities

Tinkering creates a bridging point between a learner’s personal interests and experiences and a broad range of possible learning outcomes. It offers valuable opportunities to engage all students in STEM and fosters a more inclusive STEM education. In this way, it is very much aligned with a Science Capital Teaching...

Paper Towers and Bridges

Ten kits of a pupil challenge, nuts and bolts provided but you need recycled paper. Kits are available in Coventry and Warwickshire or by arrangeent. Slides available for download free.

There are separate slides for Secondary who are expected to create budgets for their designs, and for primary.

Smart Materials

This resource includes examples of real technologies which can be used as inspiration to children from age 7 to 16. Following on from the challenges that Tim Peake and his clothing will face in space, these case studies include background information for teachers, supporting Powerpoint slides, and example...

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