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Gold award: compare the properties of different fabrics

In this project, students compare the properties of a range of fabrics made from different fibres. The fabrics could be woven or knitted and they could be made from natural fibres such as cotton and wool or synthetic fibres such as nylon. Students should investigate physical properties, such as strength,  tear...

Stephanie Kwolek - Polymer Chemist

Stephanie Kwolek invented the tough polymer Kevlar, used in protective clothing and developed a method for demonstrating the production of nylon in the classroom which is still used today.

The article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2014, Volume 25, Issue 1.


Engineering elegance - manufacturing

Kate Bellingham set a challenge for design and technology students to design a dress using e-textiles, to wear as she hosts a prestigious awards ceremony at the Globe Theatre in London. This Teachers TV video shows the winner of the challenge as her designs become reality. Abigail, an A-level...


A Catalyst article describing how new materials can be designed by studying natural materials and how they work. In particular the development of Velcro, military fabric, swimwear and waterproofing is looked at. These products were developed by scientific study of natural products such as plant burrs, pinecones,...

Engineering Elegance - Design

In this Teachers TV video, presenter and teacher Kate Bellingham sets a design challenge to Key Stage Four and Key Stage Five design and technology students. The brief is to design a dress using e-textiles to be worn by Kate as she hosts the British Engineering Excellence Awards.

Kate is joined by a panel...

Engineering Elegance - Awards

Kate Bellingham set a challenge for design and technology students to design a dress using e-textiles, to wear as she hosts a prestigious awards ceremony at the Globe Theatre in London. This Teachers TV video shows the final stage of the competition.

The winning design, by A-level product design student...

Pattie Maes Demos the Sixth Sense?

In this talk, courtesy of TED, Pattie Maes demonstrates a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for more interaction with our environment.

Wearing just a simple webcam, a portable, battery-powered projection system with a little mirror. Pattie can communicate with the phone in her pocket which...

Mind the Gap (Spring 2013)

This edition of the Computing at School newsletter contains articles covering:

*Increasing the number of girls studying computing

*Inclusion in computing

*Network of Excellence and CAS Hubs

*Learning about programming through knitting

*Programming with GameMaker


e-Textiles in a Box

This professional development resource provides teachers with the basic knowledge to deliver an e-textiles project in the classroom. The four lessons of varying duration cover:

• basic electronics with batteries and LEDs
• Using craft techniques to create wearable electronics
• Introductory...

Launched in 2009, The Big Bang: UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair is the UK’s biggest single science and engineering experience for young people. 

The Big Bang Lesson
In 2010 Professor Brian Cox, physicist and presenter of television series such as The ‘...


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