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This volume features the author's own compilation of quotations and aphorisms - the Stark philosophy in convenient form. Designs featured range from the three-legged lemon press to the fast food shop in Nimes.

The text also includes architectural projects, interior design, and furniture. Select works are...

Schools for the future: designing school grounds

Gives practical case studies of where schools have transformed their environment and brought new learning and excitement for their children, staff and the wider community. This guide aims to encourage schools to consider how best to use their grounds for the educational, recreational and social needs of their...

Project Faraday

Project Faraday set out to promote innovative science facilities that not only support 21st century approaches to learning and teaching but also inspire teachers and learners themselves. This publication presents the report arising from the Faraday Project.

Make: volume 42 - 3D printing

With 3D printing advancing at an incredible pace, Make: magazine continues to lead with in-depth testing and reviews of the latest machines, newest printing software, and coolest prints and projects to create.

This year's crop of printers features sleek, high-tech looks coupled with increasingly...

Story of western furniture

This absorbing history traces the development of furniture design and production, from the days of ancient Egypt to the present, describing what articles were made in each period, how they were made, and what were the social and economic conditions that affected style and finish.

Computer studies: a first course

This widely used textbook explains how a computer is designed to perform its various functions and how the operator uses it to fulfil these functions. It includes a glossary of key words and end-of-chapter exercises to aid comprehension.

Magis Spun Chair

The designer, Thomas Heatherwick, researched and experimented extensively with the process of metal spinning, to produce an ergonomic form that also works as a chair. The seat had to be...


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