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Draplin design co.: pretty much everything

This item is one of over 25,000 physical resources available from the Resources Collection. The Archive Collection covers over 50 years of curriculum development in the STEM subjects. The...

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Masterworks

'Nature is always beautiful' Louis Comfort Tiffany

Art of three-dimensional design

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Profusely illustrated guide shows how basic shapes and surfaces — plane, prismatic, cylindric, conical, spherical, and more — can be adapted and combined to...

Art of origami: paper folding, traditional and modern

 paper folding, traditional and modern


Origami is an inexpensive craft, requiring only the use of a square sheet of paper. From this simple material can be produced a huge variety of imaginative and attractive objects....

Amazing origami


A complete introduction to the mathematical theory of Origami based on the teachings of Freidrich Froebel (1782-1852) and a step-by-step guide to 33 colourful and fun paper folding projects...

Easy origami


A collection of 32 projects for novice origami hobbyists, clearly illustrated with easy-to-follow instructions that even beginning papercrafters can follow with successful results. Subjects range...

All about origami

An introduction to the Japanese art of paper folding. It provides a history of the art, an explanation of the basic origami shapes and forms, a set of origami rules, helpful ideas and a starter pack of eight sheets of coloured origami paper.

Step-by-step origami


  • Over 400 full-colour diagrams and photographs
  • Easy step-by-step instructions for every project
  • How to make aeroplanes, birds and animals, napkin folds, practical containers...

Paper jungle

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Provides patterns for paper jungle animals to copy, cut, and fold, along with information about the creatures and a fold-out backdrop



How to paint on glass


This book shows you how to capture the look of stained glass to make stunning window panels, glowing candle shades, simple suncatchers and jewellery on glass, plastic or acetate.

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